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has also formed learning Arabic Language much easier !

With Rhenus Language Academy, you learn Arabic Language from the comfort of your own home. At Rhenus Academy, the classes are held during live sessions so that you can communicate with your teachers. and course mates just as if you were face-to-face. You can access from any connected device including laptops, smartphones and tablets and any platform like Zoom or Skype. 

We provide our Arabic courses with the experience of Nile Centers, one of the distinguished educational institutions that have been providing education in Egypt for 25 years. In our online courses, we combine classical teaching methods with updated modern education techniques and technology while ensuring the use of effective and up to date resources necessary for language learning.

We also understand how important it is to get authentic contact with the language because let’s face it, the best way to learn is to be immersed in Arabic. For this reason, all of our teachers are native speakers certified to teach Arabic as a second language. All of the teachers at Rhenus Language Academy have extensive language knowledge and vast international experience.

Our professional teachers have made learning Arabic the easiest it’s ever been from the comfort of your home. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today for more information about available courses! 

Arabic as a Foreign Language

Arabic as a Mother Language

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We aim to lead the way in language teaching by providing services to a diverse audience from children to all ages around the world.

Our Arabic as a foreign language courses help adult learners develop their Arabic language knowledge starting from very elementary up to advanced levels. During both, live class sessions and virtual activities, using pedagogical and supportive materials, our professional instructors are there to guide you through your language learning and help you sharpen your skills to communicate with confidence in any Arabic community. Learn more…

If you think you/your children have forgotten your/their mother tongue, or if you want to study Arabic texts with an Egyptian teacher, you should not miss our special courses. This course is specially designed for you who want to gain confidence again communicating with mother tongue. This course will give you the language tools and skills you are looking for to progress in your career. Everything you learn in this course is practical, and applicable in your daily Russian encounters. You will be able to practice language strategies, formal and colloquial expressions, and new vocabulary through interactive and communicative role-playing activities with the guidance of a native-speaking Arabic teacher. Learn more…

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