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Rhenus Language Academy

Business English in Groups of 4 to 6

Do you want to learn how to speak up in meetings? Make efficient small talk? Improve listening? Practice negotiating? Learn how to debate? Speak confidently in public? Meet other professionals and socialize?  Consider  taking group lessons with Rhenus Language Academy. Here are the benefits of our business group lessons:

    • Learn through interacting with your classmates. Group work forces you to speak and produce without being evaluated by the teacher. 
    • Mixed-level classes can help everyone learn more. The lower-level learners will be pushed more than if they were alone, and the higher-level learners can solidify their knowledge by helping others.
    • Learn more from comments and question made by other learners. Others may think of a question that you didn’t think to ask, making you learn more in a shorter time.
    • Participate as much or as little as you need to. Group classes takes the pressure off of you and you can learn passively by listening.
    • Meet other professionals and make meaningful connections. Who knows? maybe you’ll just find your future business partners.
    • Lessons are prepared for all learning styles to suit all different types of learners. 
    • Self-evaluate your speaking performance. You will hear pronunciation, spoken grammar, other communication from your peers and be able to see how you stack up against them. 
    • Take advantage of having a native English teacher teaching and evaluating your classes.  


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