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Business English Private

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Business English Private

Do you work in a high-paced environment and need to improve your English quickly in order to communicate in the business world? Are you interested in starting a new career endeavour but haven’t mastered the English requirement yet? You may want to consider taking individual, private business-related English classes. 

Here are the benefits of private lessons:

    • Lessons are personalized; get exactly what you want and need out of each lesson
    • Lessons are self-paced. This means you can move fast through the concepts you already know and take your time through new concepts that you find more difficult
    • One-on-one lessons with native English teachers; receive their undivided attention and individualized feedback
    • Choose where and when you have your lesson. This flexibility allows you to plan learning around your work and family life
    • Edit, prepare, and get personalized feedback on work-related material (ex. a presentation, product information etc.) that you wouldn’t be able to share in a group lesson


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