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Business English - Individual

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Business English- Individual

Do you work in a high-paced environment and need to improve your Business English quickly in order to communicate in the business world? Are you interested in starting a new career endeavor but haven’t mastered the English requirement yet? You may want to consider taking individual business-related English classes.


                Here are some benefits of private Business English lessons:
    • Lessons are personalized; get exactly what you want and need out of each lesson,
    • Lessons are self-paced. This means you can move fast through the concepts you already know and take your time through new concepts that you find more difficult,
    • 1-1 lessons with native Business English teachers chosen specially for you
    • Receiving their undivided attention and individualized feedback
    • Choosing where and when you would like to have your lesson. This flexibility allows you to plan learning around your work and family life
    • Editing, preparing, and getting personalized comments on work-related material (ex. a presentation, product information etc.) that you wouldn’t be able to share in a group lesson.

Depending on your interests, personality, language needs, and budget, both private one-on-one and group courses are available at Rhenus Language Academy. Courses start up throughout the year.  Contact us to find out which option is best for you. 

You can choose Business English themes personally-according to your requirements / wishes / needs at least for 4 weeks or more. Each theme consists of 15-19 pages including introductions of new vocabulary, adjectives, business terms, phrases, exercises, discussions, homework etc.

RLA  Business English Schedule 

BE1  – Advertising

BE2  – Brands-and-Identity

BE3  – Customer-Service

BE4  – International-Business-Etiquette

BE5  – Business-Telephone-Communication

BE6  – Business-Emails

BE7  – Employment

BE8  – Business-Negotiation

BE9  – Business-Meetings

BE10 – Organizational-Structure

BE11 – Interviews

BE12 – Creating-a-Resume-CV

BE3 – Business-Presentations

BE14 -Business-Networking

BE15 – Business Ethics

BE16 – Business-Entrepreneurship

BE17 –  Business-Law

BE18 –  Business-Travel

BE19 –  Business-Finance

BE20 – Business Marketing

BE21 – Business-Proposals-and-Pitches

BE22 – Cover-Letters

BE23 – Human-Resources

BE24 – Motivating Employees

BE25 – Public Relations


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