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Russian for Business

Business Russian is designed for professionals who want to gain confidence in communicating with foreign business partners or for employees who want to prepare themselves for company events and presentations. Our courses will give you the skills and confidence you are looking for to progress in your career. Everything you learn in this course is practical and applicable in your daily Russian encounters. You will be able to practice language strategies, formal and colloquial expressions, and new vocabulary through interactive and communicative role-playing activities with the guidance of a native-speaking Russian teacher.

Depending on your interests, personality, language needs, and budget, both private one-on-one, and group courses are available at Rhenus Language Academy. Courses startup throughout the year.  Contact us to find out which option is best for you. 

You can choose Business Russian themes personally according to your requirements/wishes/needs for at least for 4 weeks or more. Each theme consists  of new vocabulary, adjectives, business terms, phrases, exercises, discussions, homework, etc.

Русский язык для бизнеса


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