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English for Retirees-Evenings

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Why have we started such a group?

A new language can open a completely new world for you because you get to learn about a new culture at the same time. Learning a new language when you reach the age of 65 is a good way to train your brain health. It can delay the initial effects of dementia.Our lifetime is a finite entity. We wanted to offer an opportunity to ladies, housewives and retirees who want to make the most of their free time.

50 years ago, learning English was not easy for working ladies, housewives or retirees who wanted to improve themselves to learn new things, languages or to get a job. Thanks God that those days have already gone.  It’s the time to upgrade yourself in this technological era, which allows you to learn a language at home sitting. 

You can join our courses in three sessions: in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening. Choose the best time period for you. If you are joining from far east, like China, Japanese, etc. consider that there 7 hours differences with European countries. Or if you are joining from the USA or South America, keep your mind that when it is morning there, it is evening in Europe. Our course time is defined according to the Central European Time.

After see your children off (or take them to school) or when you are alone in the afternoon join our online English courses twice a week. When you learn a new topic, practise it two days, do your homework and third day join the course again with full of energy, practice and self-confıdence!

Our online classes allow you to learn English language easily. Because the group is small and lessons are interactive! Our experienced teachers help you establish powerful vocabulary and learn daily conversation in just simple talks, enabling you to connect with the outer world well.  Actually, learning English is one of the best alternatives to evaluate our time especially under those Covid-19 conditions.

I hope I have been able to open a new window in your future perspective.

ESL Student Management System

All Rhenus Language Academy students get access to our ESL Student Management System to complete Homework Assignments, review Lesson Summaries and track their Progress. Our ESL Student Management System can be accessed from any connected device including laptops, smartphones and tablets.


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