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General English for All

Rhenus Language Academy

Rhenus Language Academy

General English for All

A1-B1 € 7.99 ; B2 ; €8.99 ; C1 €10.99

Are you interested in learning English? Have you been looking for an interactive and dynamic English course to boost your level?

Rhenus Language Academy offers many general English language courses that are right for any type of learner. These courses are geared towards teenagers and adult learners who want to develop their English language knowledge at any level from elementary to advanced levels. Through both online and in-class activities, our professional instructors use a broad range of learning materials to sharpen students’ language skills and help them learn long-lasting skills to communicate with ease confidence. 

A2 Pre-Intermediate Level

€ 7.99

B1 Intermediate Level

€ 7.99

B2 Upp-Intermediate Level

€ 8.99

C1 Advanced Level

€ 10.99

Business English

€ 14.99


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