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English for Kids

Rhenus Language Academy

Rhenus Language Academy

English for Kids

€ 7.99

Starters (Pre-A1), Movers (A1) and Flyers (A2) are young learners’ first encounters with the world of English. Children between the ages of 6 to 13 can take these engaging courses to start learning in a fun and dynamic way. All lessons are interactive, colorful and activity-based so children never get bored. Step-by-step, our aim is to make your children’s early language learning a positive experience so it can build their confidence and motivate them for future challenges.

This is the first of three courses created specifically for younger learners. In this course children start understanding basic English content about daily life.

This is the second course created specifically for younger learners. All our courses for young learners are fun, colourful and activity based in order to motivate children to keep learning.

This is the third course created specifically for younger learners. This course builds young learners’ confidence and lay the foundations for future success in English.


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