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Pioneer Academy, NJ, USA


Best Private High School in Passaic County

Why Pioneer Academy ?

   Actually the answer is simple :
  “Considering all aspects, we haven’t found a better private school  in the USA, yet. Until we find, Pioneer Academy will stay No:1 recommended private school for you.”
        As an accredited, independent, college-prep school for grades Pre-K through 12, Pioneer Academy is committed to enriching the lives of students, and ensuring their success in college and life. 
       Pioneer Academy meets all your expectations from a       boarding school:  
  • 100% Acceptance Rate Four-Year Colleges,
  • STREAM Education,
  • Honors & AP (Advanced Placement) Courses,
  • SAT & ACT and TOEFL & IELTS Test Prep,
  • Intensive Full-Time ESL Program,
  • Receive Personalized Attention,
  • Small, Diverse & Vibrant Student Body,
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities,
  • 21st Century Education,
  • 30 Minutes From New York City,
  • Accredited by Middle State Association of Colleges and Schools and more …

Why Pioneer Academy ?

Quick Facts


    Pioneer Academy; 

•     offers quality education in a state-of-the art facility in the quiet and beautiful neighborhood of Wayne, a perfect setting for students to learn, play and grow in.
•     is as an accredited, independent, college-preparatory school for grades Pre-K through 12 and it is committed to enriching the lives of students and ensuring their success in both college and life.
•     has warm, supportive, and caring staff, faculty, and administration which will make you feel at home.
•     has small classes with its highly dedicated, skilled, and enthusiastic faculty members who will enable you to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in the 21st century.
•     provides students the opportunity to grow, learn, and enjoy in an environment conducive to fostering academic growth. The experience obtained at Pioneer Academy is unique and helps to drive the intellectual, academic, social, and athletic success of the students.
The College Counseling Department at Pioneer provides each student with personalized career planning and clearly outlines their path through each year spent at Pioneer. Our College Counselors assist students in their search for colleges that are well suited academically, socially and financially.

Why Pioneer Academy ?



Why Pioneer Academy?

You will find Pioneer Academy comfortable, fun, beneficial, and of course, highly educational. Teachers, counselors, and dormitory assistants have an open-door policy; if you need extra help, advice, or just someone to talk to, feel free to stop in. The same is true if you have suggestions or questions about anything. We are always open to improving ourselves to better meet the needs of our students. 

Contemporary - High quality - Safe School

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How to Apply

Admissions Process Steps International Students

Rhenus Language Academy (RLA) is one of the authorized exclusive recruitment agent and Education Consultant of Pioneer Academy in the international area. If you apply to Pioneer Academy through RLA, you will receive a 10% direct discount. If you specify this when applying, you will be given a 10% discount.

                                Complete the Online Application Form.
                                Send all your transcripts/grades and/or report cards after having them translated into English.
                                Send all your language proficiency test scores (TOEFL/IELTS etc. if available).
                                Upon receiving the decision letter, please fill out all enrollment forms sent by the admissions counselor. 
                                 Submit your application & tuition fees to the account number provided in the enrollment form.
                                 After receiving your I-20, start your F-1 visa application at the closest U.S. Embassy.
                                  Once your F-1 visa is approved, start packing up for New Jersey, USA.
Total fees 52650 $ / year. If you apply to Pioneer Academy through RLA, you will receive a 10% direct discount.                     Take advantage of this opportunity !



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