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Business English Group | 2-6 Person

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Business English Group | 2-6 Person
Variable Hours
4-24 Week


Business English | Group 2-4 Person

Business English is designed for professionals who want to gain confidence in communicating with foreign business partners or for employees who want to prepare themselves for company event and presentations. Our courses will give you the skills and confidence you are looking for to progress in your career. Everything you learn in this course is practical, and applicable in your daily English encounters. You will be able to practice language strategies, formal and colloquial expressions, and new vocabulary through interactive and communicative role-playing activities with the guidance of a native-speaking English teacher.

Depending on your interests, personality, language needs, and budget, both private one-to-one and group courses are available at Rhenus Language Academy. This is a group course.  Courses start up throughout the year.  Contact us to find out which option is best for you. 

RLA  Business English Schedule 

BE1  – Advertising

BE2  – Brands-and-Identity

BE3  – Customer-Service

BE4  – International-Business-Etiquette

BE5  – Business-Telephone-Communication

BE6  – Business-Emails

BE7  – Employment

BE8  – Business-Negotiation

BE9  – Business-Meetings

BE10 – Organizational-Structure

BE11 – Interviews

BE12 – Creating-a-Resume-CV

BE3 – Business-Presentations

BE14 -Business-Networking

BE15 – Business Ethics

BE16 – Business-Entrepreneurship

BE17 –  Business-Law

BE18 –  Business-Travel

BE19 –  Business-Finance

BE20 – Business Marketing

BE21 – Business-Proposals-and-Pitches

BE22 – Cover-Letters

BE23 – Human-Resources

BE24 – Motivating Employees

BE25 – Public Relations

Thank you for choosing Rhenus Language Academy!

Available dates
Course Dates

01.01.2021, 01.09.2021

Course fee



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