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Summer Camps

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Rhenus Language Academy Summer Camps-RLASC

If you’re keen to expand on your English language studies and want to explore a new city, RLASC  is the ideal event  to start. With a range of different programmes, there is something for everyone. The corner stone of our summer school is getting students practicing their spoken English.

Pupils know that if they need something, whether to ask for more bread at breakfast, or ask for directions, they will need to jump in and try doing so in the English language. After completing summer course every student’s ability to speak English language will have improved substantially.

At RLASC, we create an environment where students, staff and visitors have the opportunity to learn from and respect other diverse cultures. If you’re thinking to study in the UK now or for higher education, the summer courses are an ideal preparation for transition to British education and culture.

We offer different programmes suited for everyone’s needs, whether you want a full course of excursions and activities or an intense academic boost to your learning. Our course duration is two weeks, if you would like to extend the programme you may directly call us and speak to our summer school coordinator.


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